Fraud or misrepresentation

What to do when you receive an allegation of fraud or misrepresentation

It is appropriate to share personal information in the interest of protecting individuals, employers, and the University from fraud and/or potential fraud. For example if an individual says they have a degree from the University, and they do not, the University can ask them to stop making the claim and confirm they do not have a degree.

However the appropriate Director or Head of Service must decide on the best course course of action.

Degree results

Concerns about fraud or misrepresentation of University of Edinburgh degree results or student status must be forwarded to the Director of Student Systems and Administration

Director of Student Systems and Adminstation


When anyone is deemed to have the potential to bring the University into disrepute or has brought the University into disrepute by claiming, through the use of any media, to have been employed by the University in any capacity which we cannot validate, concerns should be forwarded to the Head of the relevant Human Resources team.

Human Resources contact details

Guidance for decision makers

Contact the Records Management Section for advice on data protection aspects of disclosure. 

However if there are wider legal issues involved in the disclosure, you should also contact Legal Services.

Legal Services