Sharing personal data

These webpages explain how University staff should deal with non routine enquiries to share information about third parties

The University should not disclose information to a third party without a good reason. There are some circumstances where sharing is appropriate.
This guidance explains
  • when you can share personal data
  • when you need to refer an enquiry to the correct decision maker or department
  • when you should refuse to disclose information.

A list of all data stewards (owners of golden copy data) can be found here: 

Data Stewards


If you need to share personal data with another data controller, please contact the Legal Team. 


If you receive a data subject access request or a request for data portability, please contact Records Management.


Guidance for staff on when you can share personal data in response to non routine enquiries

Staff should refer decisions about sharing personal data to the relevant senior decision maker or department responsible for the information.

Guidance for staff refusing to disclose personal data